Seychelles Securities Exchange

Order Book

Trop-X operates a Central Order Book for its listed securities.  All bids and offers are matched on a strict time price priority basis. 


Members can connect to the Trop-X Order Book through their front end.  Trop-X provides a front end to members which can also be made available to professional clients desiring direct market access.  The Trop-X platform also supports integration of other front ends via FIX or API as well as access via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) through security ports and firewalls for all of its markets.


Members must submit an application and supporting documentation for each user they desire to be authorised for access to the Trop-X platform.   

When the application process is complete the Market Division will contact the member providing the User ID; Username; Temporary Password

Data Usage (Front End) 

Due to the interactive nature of the platform, with the provision of real time updates for underlying prices, it is data intensive. Please ensure that you have sufficient bandwidth to operate the platform. An estimation would be:

For 150 Derivative instruments – approximately 2GB of data per day.


For additional technology information or any other queries, please contact us