Seychelles Securities Exchange

Investor Relations

Any person wishing to invest in Trop-X listed securities must first open a securities account with a broker. A securities account operates much like a bank account whereby any shares a person has or cash held to buy shares are held in this account. To find out more about brokers registered with Trop-X please visit the 'Members'page. 

To find out what price shares are being traded at, please visit our home page

If you are a company interested in listing on Trop-X, you will first need to contract the services of a Sponsor Advisor. The advisor acts something akin to a project manager at the point of application, advising the company as to the most appropriate listing method for the company to achieve its objectives, preparing the relevant application documentation and ensuring that the company continues to meet its on-going obligations post listing. To find out more about Sponsor Advisors registered with Trop-X, please visit the 'Service Providers'page.  On this page, you will find all the listing application documents for all Trop-X Issuers. 

Companies listed on Trop-X (or Issuers) are required to meet certain disclosure obligations. For instance, Issuers are required to publish annual and interim finanial results. All such announcements can be found on the 'News' page.