Seychelles Securities Exchange

Seychelles lies at the heart of the old Indian Ocean trade routes which were traversed by Asian, Arab and African traders making it a fitting destination for the launch of a securities exchange.  Trop-X provides the platform for Seychelles to continue as a trade facilitator in the region for the 21st century.  Seychelles offers a modern financial services portfolio, low taxes and fibre optic connectivity both locally and regionally.  Seychelles is poised to become the premier financial gateway to the region for international investors as well as the leading financial services hub of the Indian Ocean and African region.

 Trop-X has launched a multi-asset, multi-currency modern financial exchange beginning with the launch of the equities boards in the 4th quarter of 2012. Institutional and retail investors from around the world will have the opportunity to trade a variety of asset classes including listed equities, debt instruments, futures, options, ETFs, derivative products and more with the security of top rated and internationally recognized participant banks all from one exchange.

We invite you to be part of this exciting new financial exchange operating from Eden Island Seychelles.