Seychelles Securities Exchange

Market Announcement: Approval of Orbvest Multi Issuer Program

The Exchange has today conveyed approval for the Orbvest Multi Issuer Program which is published to provide information to the investing public in relation to the Program. The Program Memorandum replaces the Revised Multi Issuer Program issued under Wealth Migrate as was approved by the Exchange and published on the 7th June 2016 and has seen the listing of 10 Issuers under the Program. From the date of publication of this Program under Orbvest Limited, all Property Supplements to provide information on the listings will be done in terms of this Program Memorandum. 

This Program Memorandum will form the basis for a number of different equity securities, each of which will be ring fenced in a separate Entity to be listed.  These securities will be issued on terms set out in this Program Memorandum subject to any terms that may be contained in any supplements, which will be submitted to and approved by the Exchange prior to each listing.